about us

Any vessel, as well as other equipment, requires careful attitude, timely and professional service, quality components. Then it pleases its owner with impeccable work and brings profit to the business. To confidently surf the sea, the shipowner should be calm for the technical inspection of his car. The company LLC MRS offers repair services for ships of different classes.

Trust company of MRS-GROUPS

The structure of the company includes several key divisions and auxiliary segments. Machine shop, electrical, foundry, metalwork and other ship Repair is carried out on the base. The staff is highly qualified, regularly confirms that it is in internal review and in the relevant commissions. The company’s staff: sudomerska, electricians, technician, technicians, welders, outfitting of crews and other specialists.

We qualitatively, reliably and in due time carry out repair of vessels and the ships of all types and appointments. You can easily get service of your equipment on a regular basis. According to statistics, most of the work can be carried out directly on the ship without installing it in the dock. We can provide the specialists to the vessel to assess the works and their feasibility.

Ship repair base of MRS-GROUPS

Our company sets extremely high limits of ship repair management. We believe that ships and yachts should bring benefit and joy to the owners. No downtime of the ship due to repair work – because it is a loss for business. We will promptly carry out diagnostics, coordinate the cost of repairs with the customer and attract the best specialists. If you are the owner of the vessel, please rate the speed and competence of our team.

Ship repair and timely replacement of parts ensure long service life, trouble-free operation and resistance to loads.