To confirm its class, the vessel must undergo an annual survey. This type of inspection is carried out regularly after a year. The period is limited to 45 days before or after the date of the last regular examination. The shipowner must prepare the vessel for this important event. The application for the call of the inspector shall be submitted when all volume of preparatory works is executed.

Preparation of the vessel

Compliance with technical regulations and safety standards is established by determining: completeness, serviceability and performance of ship equipment. To inspection took place without unpleasant surprises and ended with the issuance of documents for compliance with the rules of the classification society of the watercraft is necessary to make a lot of effort:

  1. Test the main power unit: the starting and reversing system, the serviceability of the APS and instrumentation elements, automated systems, if any, computer unit, to prepare information on bearing clearances and crankshaft riveting.
  2. To determine the condition of auxiliary and emergency diesel generators: measure the insulation resistance of generators, carry out maintenance of engines with oil change, test at maximum load, check the lock protection and operation of the APS.
  3. To check the steering group: the presence of the schema of the steering mechanism and the operating instructions, the work of the main and auxiliary drive, control stations and emergency power supply, position indicator steering system APS and auto-breaking blocks.
  4. Make an audit of carbon dioxide and water fire extinguishing systems, check the operation of drainage pumps, tightness of valves and pipes.
  5. Test all types of ship alarms.

A large amount of preparatory activities requires considerable effort and time to cope with the preparation of the crew is not always possible. To reduce downtime, you should contact the company’s MRS GROUP.

Annual survey in the ship-repair company of MRS-GROUPS

The company MRS-GROUP created optimal conditions for shipowners. For a relatively low price the vessel will be fully prepared for the annual survey – will check the whole range of mechanisms and systems. If necessary, perform repair and maintenance of equipment, identify and eliminate deficiencies that may become an obstacle to the further operation of the vessel.

Employees of the company MRS GROUP have at their disposal modern diagnostic tools and a serious repair base. The execution of all preparatory procedures the maintenance team of our company makes it easy and painless to pass the test, including the underwater part, in the shortest possible time.

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