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Reliable and low-noise Cummins engines are gaining more and more supporters among ship owners. An extensive range of models, relatively light weight and interesting design solutions allow them to be used as the main power plant or to work as part of auxiliary mechanisms. Efficiency and minimal damage to the environment are achieved through the use of an open combustion chamber, which provides optimal temperature conditions for the components of the power unit.

Features of Cummins repair

No matter how reliable the unit of the American brand, there comes a time when its increased engine life ends. To prevent premature failure of the engine, it is necessary to comply with the regulations of its maintenance and carry out ongoing repairs. The engine of this brand, like any other, needs preventive maintenance to restore the resource.

During the overhaul requires complete disassembly of the machine, the work is carried out in several stages:

  • preparation of documents with the development of specifications and the timing of individual operations;
  • engine cleaning and disassembly, if necessary, dismantling and delivery to the repair shop;
  • detection of defects by visual inspection and using special diagnostic equipment;
  • replacement of worn parts and Assembly;
  • check with start of the unit and its adjustment;
  • final tests and delivery to the customer.

When restoring the Cummins diesel unit, special attention is paid to the fuel system, a special stand is used to check the injectors and the pump. Repair of the piston group is carried out through the use of repair kit, spare parts must be of good quality – original or analogues from well-known manufacturers.

Reliable company MRS GROUP for a reliable engine

Our company’s MRS-GROUP has all the necessary conditions for the repair of engines of this brand. Good relations with suppliers of high-quality spare parts are established, the most advanced diagnostic equipment is used in work, the repair shop of the company is equipped with machines and mechanisms allowing to perform repair and recovery work of any complexity.

At the request of the customer, the repair of the unit is possible without dismantling, directly on the ship, for repairs outside the company formed a comprehensive team of specialists in different fields. Engineering staff and workers are familiar with Cummins engines, so there are no difficulties in the process and reduced downtime of the vessel.

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