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Every shipowner knows that the main hub on a ship, yacht or boat is the VRK or helical complex. Its failure or improper operation can seriously affect the operation of the engine, no matter what abilities and powers it may have.

Causes of failure helical complex

The main causes of screw failure can be:

  • Fouling of the bottom by microorganisms;
  • Algae buildup;
  • Bottom damage;
  • Changing the operation of the vessel;
  • Lack of timely technical inspection;

Regardless of the failure of the screw-a steering complex, the ship requires a serious intervention specialist for service and repair. Specialists of Mrs-GROUPS in a short time will diagnose, eliminate minor and serious problems of VRK or replace the screw. Works are carried out with any kind of screw-steering complex.

Operation change

Changing the operation, whether it is towing or re-equipment of the vessel (for example, under the diving Board), as well as the need to travel in shallow water needs to replace the mushroom screw. For proper replacement, it is important to know the data about the screw, the optimal calculations in accordance with the method of operation. Knowing the information about the screw, experts will quickly pick up one of the main parts of marine equipment. No matter how powerful the ship is, without the propeller it will remain at the pier.

The capacity of specialists MRS-GROUPS

Our employees are characterized by professionalism, experience and numerous positive reviews. Among the performed works are allocated:

  1. Repair work: measurement of gaps and replacement of bushings of deadwood, inspection of alignment.
  2. Replacement of the screw, screw blades.
  3. Ship repair of the steering: inspection of gaps in the baller bearings, dismantling of the steering wheel, bushings, manufacture and connection of bushings, installation of the steering mechanism.
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