In order to identify the causes of a ship’s malfunction, MPC GROUP carries out comprehensive diagnostics. Experts inspect the body, check the operation of the engine and electrical equipment.

Reasons for

Owners are forced to contact the service center in the following cases:

  1. Decreased maximum speed.
  2. There was a decrease in the rate of acceleration.
  3. Increased fuel consumption.

How is computer diagnostics performed?

The specialists of MPC GROUP use high-precision bench equipment. Testing allows you to determine the status of the following nodes:

  • engine;
  • fuel pump;
  • nozzles;
  • steering;
  • electrical equipment.

Based on the results of the diagnostics, employees make an estimate. Ultrasonic equipment is used to determine ship hull defects.

When conducting a comprehensive diagnosis of power plants, the company’s specialists measure:

  • equipment capacity;
  • temperature and compression ratio;
  • system pressure;
  • rotational speed and torque;
  • noise and the presence of increased vibration.

This determines the performance of all units of the vessel. Evaluation of the technical condition is carried out in accordance with ISO 17359. Employees of the company evaluate the wear of parts and corrosion damage.

Diagnostics of the ship engine

The failure of a gasoline engine can occur for several reasons:

  1. A carburetor is clogged.
  2. The motor does not start due to the use of faulty spark plugs.
  3. On yachts with a diesel engine, such problems are associated with the failure of the gas distribution mechanism.

Diagnostics includes a health check of the following nodes:

  • valve adjustment;
  • ignition and power systems;
  • control system setup.

Diagnostics of the hull

One of the reasons for the loss of progress of the vessel may be damage to the hull. With the help of test tests, experts determine the water resistance of structures.

Diagnostics of electrical equipment

Experts assess the condition of cable runs and glands. Electrical faults may be associated with the failure of switchgear.

In the process of diagnostics checks the operation of controls and sensors. Identified faults are entered in the defect list.

Diagnostics of the helical complex

Lack of technical inspection leads to serious consequences:

  1. Working surfaces of the screw are destroyed by corrosion.
  2. Breakdown of the mechanism may be due to the build-up of algae.
  3. The work of the WRC is affected by damage to the bottom.

In order to determine the cause of the breakdown, experts evaluate the condition of the screw blades and bushings, measure the gaps in the balller bearings.

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