To eliminate the consequences of the accident, as well as to save the lives of people who are overboard, it is provided for the emergency supply of the vessel with the means to cope with the emergency situation during the voyage. The set of emergency and rescue equipment is completed in accordance with the requirements of the Register, it must correspond to the class of the vessel and its purpose.

Sets for fight for survivability of the vessel and rescue of people

The greatest danger for the vessel is damage to the hull below the waterline, various materials are used for effective repair, with the help of which it is possible to eliminate the leak in a short time:

  • Patches and mats;
  • Cork, canvas and rubber sheets;
  • Bars, boards, sliding stops and clamps;
  • Wedges, bolts, nuts and staples;
  • Sand, quick-setting cement and cement mixture hardening accelerator;
  • Carpentry, locksmith and rigging tool sets;
  • Sledgehammer, buckets and shovels;
  • Technical fat and minium;
  • Lamp in explosion-proof execution;
  • Nails, tow.

For special and passenger vessels, jacks of various capacities and an autogenous cutter with charged cylinders can be added to the list.

The possibility of saving people outside the ship is provided by the presence of a number of special means – boats, rafts, lifebuoys and vests. Protective wetsuits are provided for personnel responsible for evacuation. Rescue vehicles must be equipped with communication systems and signaling devices – VHF stations, radar responders and signal missiles.

Services on the organization of supply in the MRS-GROUP

Extensive experience in the supply of ships and the ability to purchase rescue equipment directly from manufacturers give significant advantages to the company’s customers MRS GROUP. Turning to us, the shipowner gets rid of the time-consuming hassle and doubts about the quality of purchased materials and equipment.

Our experts are professionally suited to the formation of rescue ship kit. Knowledge of the market of these specific products, the possibility of using technical means for quality control allow to include in the set only materials that meet the standard parameters. Low prices for services and guaranteed quality are the Foundation of our cooperation with shipowners.

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