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Any vessel must be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. The equipment must comply with the standards of supply, the class of the vessel and the type of fixed systems installed on Board. Fire-fighting supplies provide the crew with fire-fighting equipment designed for use in a variety of ship compartment and deck conditions.

Main extinguishing media

Equipment used on ships to prevent fire is represented by an extensive list of materials and devices:

  • Sleeves and trunks for water and foam;
  • Mobile foam sets and generators of air-mechanical foam;
  • Water spraying prefixes;
  • Frothers;
  • Carbon dioxide and inert gas cylinders;
  • Fire extinguishers of various types and spare charges to them;
  • Bedspreads and boxes with sand;
  • Firefighting tools;
  • Special fire equipment;
  • Pumps and exhaust fans;
  • Facilities for connection to the international standard shore;
  • Gas analyzers, compressors, spare parts and repair tools.

Depending on the class and purpose of the vessel, the list of materials may be extended or shortened. The demand for these or other means is regulated by the characteristics of the cargo and the category of its fire danger. For example, for tankers intended for the transport of flammable liquids, foam extinguishing is the most important. And with the probability of ignition in hard-to-reach places with the possibility of sealing, an effective measure will be the filling of the combustion center with carbon dioxide.

The same method is used to extinguish electrical equipment under voltage. In the fight against fire in the cargo hold compartments in the fire of fibrous cargo or self – igniting waste – oiled rags derived from the processing of fish (fish meal, etc.) use any volumetric means-high-quality foam, steam, carbon dioxide or inert gas. On the deck surface are more efficient ways of fighting with water and foam niskogradnja.

Package without error from MRS-GROUP

Taking into account significant differences in fire-fighting supply of vessels of different classes, the purchase of all required materials and equipment can cause a lot of difficulties. To avoid mistakes and not to overpay should contact the company engaged in supply at a professional level.

Our company MRS-GROUP will provide a vessel of any class with a set of fire-fighting materials in accordance with all the requirements of the Register. Experts pay attention not only to the purpose of components, but also to the quality characteristics of the materials from which they are made. Delivery and loading of the set to the vessel is carried out without violating the schedule of the main ship works.

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