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A full diet for the crew is the most important factor of people’s health, their ability to work and the key to the successful completion of the ship’s task. The full value of food depends on the work of cooks, but the freshness of the products and their quality are equally important.

Supply features

The menu of the ship’s crew should include a wide list of food, the composition of which is determined by the relevant rules:

  • Bakery products and products for their baking;
  • Cereals, pasta and legumes;
  • Vegetable and butter, margarine, animal fat;
  • Dairy products-milk, sour cream, cottage cheese;
  • Egg;
  • Meat products, including meat, sausage and canned meat;
  • Seafood, fresh and frozen fish, canned fish;
  • Fresh vegetables and herbs, as well as pickles and sauces;
  • Fresh and dried fruits, juices and purees;
  • Confectionery;
  • Sugar, salt, yeast and spices.

Food intake may vary within certain limits. This is due to the fact that ship crews often consist of people of different nationalities. Different food cultures and religious prohibitions have a certain impact on the food set. The organizations supplying the vessel should take this factor into account in their work, giving the choice to the shipowner or the captain in accordance with the characteristics and tastes of national groups.

Caring shipowner buys for the crew, only high quality products, sometimes even exceeding the prices of standard food sets. This, at first glance, irrational approach allows you to maintain the stability of the composition and attract, if necessary, the best specialists in the crew.

The supply for the upper class of the company’s MRS GROUP

The city of Novorossiysk is located in the Krasnodar region – one of the most fertile regions for agriculture in Russia. The company of MRS-GROUP maintains constant contacts with agricultural producers, and such connections allow the company to supply vessels with fresh products of farms in the region.

A wide range of meat products, fresh and frozen meat, high quality dairy products, cereals, flour, fruits, vegetables and much more of what is required to prepare delicious and healthy food during a multi-day voyage. Loading of products is carried out by employees of the company taking into account the main loading and unloading operations. We try to optimize our work and avoid unnecessary downtime of the vessel in the port.

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