Owning a boat not only allows you to spend time on the water, but also imposes on the owner of certain responsibilities to maintain the boat in good condition. Timely repair of the boat and regular maintenance will help to avoid many troubles during operation.

Types of repair and maintenance works

Unexpected engine failure usually occurs when the owner ignores regular maintenance, and attempts to self-repair without the necessary training can lead to even more serious consequences for the suspension or stationary unit.

In gasoline engines often have problems such as

  • Clogging of fuel line and carburetor;
  • Non-standard operation of the emergency stop button of the motor;
  • Failure of spark plugs, starter or high voltage coil winding;
  • Errors in setting the ignition advance angle.
  • For diesel engines, typical of other «diseases» associated with fuel delivery and timing.

To exclude the possibility of an emergency stop of the engine will help prevention, which is carried out in a planned manner. There are 3 types of such activities – in the development of a certain number of engine hours, seasonal maintenance and work related to the preservation and re-preservation of the vessel.

It is equally important for safe operation to maintain the integrity of the housing at the proper level. Popular in the production of modern ships fiberglass, despite its many advantages in need of repair and maintenance. Holes, cracks, scuffs, separation of body elements, violation of the surface protective layer – all these defects should be removed as soon as possible.

Particular attention should be paid to the transom node, as a place where a significant load falls. And also check of a ship electric circuit and elements of electric equipment is necessary.

Advantages of professional complex maintenance of the boat

The entire scope of work in the preparation of the boat for operation or for winter storage, repair of the engine and the hull after accidents or as planned is better to entrust one company. Do not try to repair expensive equipment from several specialists, even if the price is quite low. With this approach, in the case of poor repair, it will be difficult to find the extreme. Trust should be companies, experience and credibility, which is not in doubt.

MRS-GROUP is one of the leaders in the production of ship repair. Technical equipment and professionalism of employees allow you to perform even the repair, which refused other firms. We offer a comprehensive service of all ship systems, repair of hulls and treatment of the bottom regardless of the material-plastic, carbon, wood or aluminum. In the competence of the company the solution of extraordinary problems arising in emergency situations. We do not leave our customers in trouble!

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