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Caterpillar’s range of propulsion (traction) and auxiliary marine engines includes a range of power units of various capacities. But all of them are United by a high level of efficiency: the manufacturer has improved the fuel system, created an electronic unit that with amazing accuracy determines the portion of fuel at one time or another of the engine. The exhaust gas neutralization system has significantly reduced the content of harmful impurities in them, and the reliability and increased engine life bring this brand to a leading position among the manufacturers of power units. But the smooth and long-term operation of even the most advanced machines is impossible without maintenance and regular repairs.

Maintenance and repair

The maintenance process includes checking various parameters and replacing consumables:

  1. Renewal of technical liquids and replacement of filters.
  2. Control of engine oil level and condition.
  3. Valve clearance measurement, if necessary, is adjusted.
  4. Check belt tension.
  5. Computer diagnostics of the control system and Troubleshooting of the engine.

The work is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the American manufacturer. Preventive maintenance is also regulated and must comply with the procedure specified in the relevant manual.

Overhaul of the Caterpillar engine is carried out in stages, starting from the development of documentation and ending with tests after installation on the ship. The repair process takes into account the features of this brand – the saturation of electronics, unique materials and high quality Assembly.

Repair of Caterpillar on ships: advantages of cooperation with MRS-GROUP

To maximize the life of the main engine, requires a professional approach to maintenance and repair, and the second life of the unit can give a major overhaul, performed according to all established rules. Our company MRS-GROUP engaged in repair and maintenance of caterpillar engines is not the first year. Well-worked team and high level of equipment allow to perform repair work without downtime and defects.

Engineers and workers are aware of all the latest developments of the American brand, and have no difficulty in the presence of the engine any improvements. We carry out the repair in a specially equipped workshops and in marine areas, if the dismantling is associated with large time and financial loss for the shipowner. Professionalism and respect for the interests of the client are the basis of the success of the company.

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