The saturation of the ship’s equipment with control and measuring devices allows to control the whole range of ship’s mechanisms: propulsion systems, power sources and General ship systems. There are several groups of devices:

  • Analog and digital display devices;
  • Registered control system with function of recording parameter values in real-time;
  • Summing group-integrators and meters that take into account the amount of matter or energy passing through them per unit of time;
  • Combined systems with two blocks-for visual control at the current time and for recording readings in the form of recording;
  • devices with alarm function, which is triggered when the parameter reaches critical values.

But not only the way of counting and recording the readings are characterized by elements of the ship’s complex of instrumentation. They work with different environments and have different purposes.

Types of repairs and maintenance

To work with Instrumentation specialists involved in different fields, who have appropriate authorization. Restoration of operating characteristics of devices is carried out by means of repair – current, average or capital. Current remediation activities include partial disassembly, minor repairs, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment.

At average repair complete dismantling with replacement of details and cleaning of contact groups or blocks is possible. In the regulation of the overhaul include a mandatory full disassembly of the mechanism for the updates of defective components, calibration or replacement of the scales, and at the final stage the device is tested on special stands.

At the end of bench tests, the devices should be checked by the supervision services of departmental or state. If the test results correspond to the required level, then a verification mark is put on the glass or the device body.

Maintenance – a number of regular operations, including: visual inspection, check the tightness of the terminals check the kinematics and the tightness of the pipe connections, the service recording mechanisms, etc. In the process of servicing a complex subject to extraordinary repair or testing.

Repair of control and measuring devices in MRS-GROUPS — opportunities without limits

The company MRS-GROUP performs all types of repair and maintenance of Instrumentation, thanks to partnerships with manufacturers and major suppliers of equipment, such as LLC «Control Devices». Shipowners, our customers, have the opportunity to significantly upgrade and improve all or part of the measurement and control facilities. Installation of domestic and foreign devices of the latest versions is available.

Qualification of our employees allows you to repair and check any element of the complex instrumentation. Technical equipment of the enterprise is at the most modern level, so that repair and inspection do not take much time, while the quality of work remains high.

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