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Problems with electrical networks and electrical equipment on the ship can lead to serious consequences. The entire electrical complex of the watercraft works in severe conditions of high humidity, vibration and temperature changes, and contact with aggressive media (petroleum products, technical liquids, sea water) leads to the gradual destruction of insulating materials of cables. Timely scheduled repair or unscheduled elimination of defects is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of the vessel without accidents.

Repairs of electrical equipment on the ship

Repair activities include-work with electric networks and putting in order of electric units for various purposes, they are divided into several stages:

  • Diagnostics of the cable runs, test fixtures, sealing boxes and glands in places of passage of the cable through the bulkhead;
  • Elimination of the noticed malfunctions, and if necessary modification and re-equipment which have become unusable sites;
  • Setting up electrical equipment, controls and switchgears;
  • Defecation of electric machines, followed by repair on Board or in the electrical repair shop, with the replacement of bearings and rewinding the stator.

Fault detection is carried out in conjunction with the ship’s crew, it determines the amount of necessary repair activities.

The optimal solution of electrotechnical problems

For the shipowner, the reduction of downtime is essential, which is why the companies with a serious material base and competent specialists should entrust the repair of electrical equipment. Our enterprise has all range of the equipment necessary for performance of repair work, and our specialists, possessing universal knowledge, are capable to find and eliminate malfunction for the shortest possible time.

And another important factor that affects the choice of the repair company is to maintain the professional level of specialists. Competing manufacturers of electrical equipment are constantly updating the range of complex electrical systems, our engineers and workers are aware of the latest trends in this area – technological innovations will not affect the timing of repairs.

Reduction of labor costs of the enterprise, due to the high qualification of specialists and well-established rhythm of work, allows you to set the lowest possible prices for repair services. The owners of the boats, who have become our customers, will receive double benefits-a quick recovery of the ship and the minimum cost of electrical repairs.

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