Ships belong to a special category of objects in terms of fire risk. The high risk of fire is due to the high density of electrical devices and power equipment on a limited area of the vessel. A large part of the fires occurs as a result of careless handling of flammable liquids. This reason is particularly relevant for tankers carrying petroleum products. To reduce the risk of fire, and to minimize its consequences allow effective specialized alarm systems.

Difficulties of repair of the fire alarm system on the vessel

The main problem of repair of this type of the alarm system consists in multicomponent of system-existence of the duplicating lines, use of electric and pneumatic schemes. Fire alarm system includes:

  • Smoke detectors;
  • Sensors that trigger when exceeding a predetermined temperature value;
  • Differentiated devices that respond to a sharp change in the temperature background within a single room;
  • Combined of several sensors, reducing the possibility of unjustified activation of fire alarm systems;
  • Automatic and manual switching units;
  • Power lines and compressed air supply lines.

Based on the abundance of different components of the alarm, its repair is associated with the involvement of masters of various profiles. The qualification of employees must be confirmed by appropriate tolerances.

Easy way out of a difficult situation — MRS-GROUPS

Strict requirements for the state of the fire alarm system can be an insurmountable obstacle to the operation of the vessel. The solution to the problem depends on many factors, the main one – the best choice of repair organization.

The staff of our company has highly qualified specialists in all areas related to the repair of the vessel. We have the opportunity to form a comprehensive team that will be able to bring the fire alarm in accordance with all rules and regulations, in a very short time.

The shipowner, who entrusted the repair and maintenance of MRS-GROUPS, can safely go about their business without worrying about the timing and additional costs. The whole set of tasks specified in the contract will be performed from the beginning to the end, with minimal financial losses for the client. Turning to us, the customer receives a guaranteed quality of repair and effective service.

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