The state of the hull is influenced by several factors: the impact of the environment-chemical and electrochemical corrosion, cavitation and biological processes on the surface of the metal, wind erosion. Operating conditions, as well as the quality of repair and maintenance, have no less impact. The last point is especially important, as it depends entirely on the attitude of the shipowner to his property. Prevention and regular repair of the hull will significantly increase the service life of the craft, will help to avoid many unpleasant surprises during the voyage, will ensure the safety of the crew and optimal operation.

Sequence of performance and types of repair works of the case

The work is carried out according to a standard algorithm, which provides a certain sequence of actions that allows you to perform the full range of activities in the shortest time:

  1. Preparation of the technological process-release of the hull from fuel and cargo residues, cleaning of the deck and premises, development of technical and technological documentation.
  2. Defecation — examination of the body with the study of the General technical condition of the structure and its individual parts, the choice of methods of repair and determination of the amount of work.
  3. Preparation and pre-Assembly of individual elements to be replaced in the production shop.
  4. The process of replacing and dismantling of equipment, pipelines and energy networks, with the dismantling of the insulation, removing the protective shields of wood coatings and finishes cabins.
  5. Test tests to determine the water resistance of the body and individual housing designs.

In the production of current repairs, with a small amount of work, do not require large preparatory measures. The elements of the case are restored or changed, the condition of which is in doubt.

Advantages of our customers

The serious production base of our enterprise allows to carry out any repair work. We optimize the multi-stage process, trying to remove the equipment that needs to be repaired on the shore in the first place. This approach significantly reduces downtime and therefore financial losses of shipowners.

The staff of the company MRS-GROUP employees who are able to perform installation and welding work of any complexity, regardless of the design features of the vessel and its condition. Turning to the MRS GROUP, you can confidently plan your further work after the completion of the repair, compliance with deadlines and high quality – the Foundation of our relationship with the client.

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