Safety of navigation in sea and river waters, vessel traffic in ports is provided by navigation systems. Modern navigation equipment is a large complex of devices and mechanisms of various designs and purposes. The complexity of the system makes you pay attention to the observance of the terms of maintenance and scheduled maintenance.

Ship’s navigation

The complex includes 2 subsystems – navigation and maneuver control unit. The set of equipment is represented by a wide range of different devices:

  • Radar stations for environmental monitoring;
  • Sonar, fixing the real picture under water;
  • Automatic identification means that support communication between the courts and communication with the coastal services;
  • Mapping systems for laying routes optimal for safety taking into account weather characteristics.

The list goes on, because even the standard navigation system consists of many auxiliary devices and devices.

Repair of the navigation of the vessel in MRS-GROUPS – installation, repair and maintenance

Specialists of our company perform works of any complexity related to maintenance, repair and updating of the navigation system. The company has all certificates confirming knowledge and experience of employees, in the list of available services for domestic and foreign shipowners:

  1. Repair of navigation, modernization and additional equipment without decommissioning.
  2. Supervision and technical management – installation works, start-up and adjustment with presentation to inspectors of classification societies.
  3. Annual inspections of equipment.
  4. Examination and certification: the gyro, the boat and the main magnetic compasses.
  5. Deviation work with magnetic compass.

The company MRS-GROUP has the ability to complete the vessel elements of the navigation system of the latest versions. Established with suppliers of equipment connections allow you to purchase it at a significant discount, which directly affects the cost of services for the shipowner. The professionalism of the staff is maintained at a high level through continuous training. Specialists attend technical seminars and trainings, get information about technical innovations and methods of work with them. The company is equipped with everything necessary for quick and high-quality repair and preventive measures.

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