The ship’s alarm system is connected with all the main elements of power equipment, steering mechanisms and electric generators. It monitors the status of systems of ventilation, conditioning, lighting, etc. its function is To alert the crew about the emergency situation when the parameters of the critical values. Correct operation of the APS is the key to the safety of people and mechanisms. The layout of the alarm network in this category depends largely on the type of vessel and the degree of its automation.

Repair and maintenance

Check the functionality of the ship’s alarm system system should be carried out once a week and before each flight. Maintenance includes control of all the main elements of the system:

  • Sound and light alarm devices;
  • Sensors that monitor the state of the propulsion system and auxiliary mechanisms;
  • The integrity of wiring and signaling network;
  • Emergency power supplies;
  • Execution unit.

In the process of maintenance, which is carried out in accordance with the regulations, the current repair of the alarm system with the replacement of broken and questionable elements of the system or their minor repairs. When turnarounds are changing all the regulatory components, which have expired service life, is the adjustment and testing of repaired areas the emergency network.

Most often, preventive and repair activities of the ship’s alarm system are combined with the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and Warning and evacuation management system – warning system and evacuation management. In the process of repair, it is possible to upgrade and update both the entire network and its individual sections.

Repair of the ship’s alarm system by specialists of MRS-GROUPS

Progress does not stand still, and more and more advanced alarm systems are being developed over time. Repair and modernization of APS should be trusted to the company with a high level of technical equipment and trained personnel.

The LLC MRS-GROUP company represents the hi-tech enterprise with wide opportunities for all types of ship repair. Our specialists will not only repair and check the alarm system, but also give recommendations on all issues of interest to the client related to the modernization and improvement of the system efficiency. Low prices for services, strict observance of the terms stipulated in the contract and high-quality performance of work are the basis of our cooperation with shipowners.

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