Restoration repair is considered an exceptional case. This type of repair refers to unscheduled activities and is necessary to bring the vessel to a satisfactory condition after serious damage. The reasons may be a variety of natural factors-fire, storm, ice drift or flood, as well as the maximum wear and significant damage in an accident.

Validity of repairs

In some cases, restoration work will require costs in excess of the cost of the new vessel. Therefore, the validity of their conduct should be supported by a preliminary assessment of the technical condition of the elements of the vessel, as well as the possibility of re-equipment and modernization in the process of restoration. For relatively new vessels affected by natural and man-made disasters, more often a positive decision is made.

It makes sense to restore boats that have exhausted their resources if they are of historical value or are unique. The high price for such services is associated with the large volume and complexity of the reconstruction of equipment, which has not been produced at industrial enterprises for a long time. In any case, the last word remains with the shipowner.

Complexities of the recovery process

Repair activities in this category are characterized by difficulties that can significantly increase the amount of costs:

  • Hidden damage and defects not included in the preliminary statement;
  • Difficulties in preparing repairs due to the non-standard design of the vessel;
  • Difficulty in the recovery of individual nodes, in the absence of the possibility of their replacement;
  • Increase in the period of performance due to additional repair activities.

The speed and quality of solutions arising in the process of problems largely depend on the choice of the repair company, its equipment and competence of specialists.

Restoration repair of the vessel from the project to commissioning in MRS-GROUPS

The enterprise of MRS-GROUP includes all complex of the services and divisions necessary for full recovery of the vessel. The company’s capabilities make it possible to perform repairs of any complexity, regardless of the design characteristics and the degree of deterioration of the ship’s equipment.

The staff of MRS-GROUP includes qualified engineers and workers with extensive experience and deep knowledge in ship repair production. Specialized shops are equipped with modern equipment, with which the solution of even difficult technical problems will not take much time. The conclusion of the contract for repair with our company is a guarantee against unnecessary costs and unreasonable downtime.

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