Rest on the water brings a lot of pleasant sensations, but the ability to surf the rivers and the sea imposes a certain responsibility on the shipowner. The boat or yacht must undergo regular inspections and comply with safety standards. Maintenance of the equipment and the ship’s hull is a troublesome task requiring professional skills and knowledge.

The complexity of the repair and maintenance

Repair of yachts and boats is a whole range of different activities, including:

  1. Inspection and fault diagnosis;
  2. Engine repair and adjustment;
  3. Repair of hull damage;
  4. Assessment and correction of defects in steering and suspension systems;
  5. Painting or restoration of the gelcoat layer;
  6. Replacement of failed electrical equipment;
  7. Verification and testing of security systems;
  8. Execution of carpentry.

In the course of repair, technical modernization of the vessel and performance of a number of additional operations – installation of elements of tuning, updating of finishing of cabins, polishing of the deck, drawing special structure on the bottom for protection against fouling is possible.

The hulls of most modern small vessels are made of fiberglass – a durable and reliable material. But, nevertheless, the fiberglass body is subject to damage by hydrolysis processes as a result of which there are swelling of the protective layer – gelcoat. Elimination of damage is not limited to updating the surface layer, in particularly severe cases, the removal of the entire affected area with subsequent restoration of the multilayer structure.

Special attention is required to the place of coupling of different materials, the characteristics of elasticity and strength of metal, plastic and wood are very different, so the place of contact of dissimilar parts is a potential source of destructive processes. And you should check the design, including various metals, due to the possibility of electrochemical corrosion.

The advantages of repair and service of yachts and boats in the MRS-GROUP

Novorossiysk is a city on the territory of which there are many different enterprises and firms associated with ship repair. When choosing a place to take care of a boat, a boat or a yacht, the shipowner should take into account the company’s capabilities – repair facilities, competence of employees and customer feedback.

The company MRS-GROUP provides a full range of services for repair and maintenance of small vessels. The high level of service is provided — due to the professionalism and experience of the company’s employees, modern production facilities and established relationships with suppliers of spare parts. The most favorable conditions in the form of moderate prices and their minimal participation in the repair process are created for the ship owners – clients of the company. To get the full range of services, just go to the company’s website and call the numbers listed in the contacts.

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