Vessels-leaders in fuel consumption among all vehicles, marine engines can easily burn heavy fuel oil or gas condensate derivatives. This omnivore allows to reduce transportation costs, but it is not always possible to use cheap fuel. Environmental problems have forced many coastal States to tighten the requirements for the exhaust of the ship’s unit, so there were areas where you can use fuel only with a low sulfur content – no more than 0.1%. Such zones include the Baltic and Northern seas, the ocean coasts of the USA and Canada. For these zones, the ship provides a reserve of more environmentally friendly varieties of hydrocarbons.

Features of refueling

Replenishment of fuel for marine engines is different from refueling cars, refueling complex in the form of a special vessel itself swims up to the client, on Board there are several tanks, with different grades of fuel:

  • Naval fuel oil;
  • Marine low-viscosity fuel (SMT);
  • Gas condensate component of marine fuel (KST);
  • Machine oil.

Fuel supply is carried out in accordance with the length of the route and depends on the waters in which the ship will go. Compliance with international environmental legislation and navigation in coastal zones force the shipowner to take on Board several types of fuel. Fuel oil is used mainly for large transitions in the ocean. When approaching the shore, even where there are no strict environmental requirements, switch to light fuels, as the upcoming maneuvers abrupt change of driving mode creates an increased load on the main marine engine.

Refueling from MRS-GROUP

The company MRS-GROUP has established relationships with many suppliers of fuels and lubricants in the Krasnodar region. At the disposal of the MRS GROUP there are bunkering vessels and filling machines for supplying fuel from the pier. In the presence of all types of marine fuel in unlimited quantities.

The supply of fuel from our company is the guarantee of quality of the resulting product and the low level of prices for the customers. Taking into account the profile of the company MRS-GROUP, the entire process of pumping fuel passes normally without damage to the environment and does not require additional time.

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