MRS-GROUP company carries out a comprehensive repair of the vessel. The structure of the production base includes mechanical, electrical, plumbing and the foundry. Profile Commission regularly checks the qualifications workers’. To restore the ship after serious damage, you can take advantage of emergency repairs.

Type of work

MRS-GROUP repair shop is located in Novorossiysk. The inspection checks the condition of the ship’s units and assesses the risks of further operations. The company carries out not only emergency, but also recovery repair of the vessel.

Before the work specialists:

Inspect the hull for the presence of various defects’.

  1. The cause of damage can be breaks and cracks on the Kingston bars.
  2. Ship repair includes inspection of the helical groups.
  3. If necessary, experienced divers can quickly eliminate the leak with a plaster and cement box.
  4. Employees of the company are cleaned of dirt screw and steering elements.
  5. After inspection of the vessel the repair sheet, in which details the types of work. In the process of repair occursrestoration of the ship’s seaworthiness.

The decrease in characteristics may be due to biochemical corrosion. To remove plaque on a large area use mechanical cleaning method.  Scurf from difficult places removed by the hydraulic method. Restorative ship repairs can be related not only to a natural disaster. Owners apply to the company Mrs-GROUP for the modernization of units.

The validity of the repair, taking into account the specific situation

The Commission assesses the validity of the work. The cost of repairs may exceed the price of a new vessel. The restoration of the old boats is too expensive.

In any case, the shipowner makes his own decision the need for work.  In the repair process of the company has to dismantle the failed equipment. New parts may be required to be manufactured accessories.

What difficulties can arise in the process of repair

The presence of hidden defects and non-standard design of the vessel lead to a significant increase in the cost of recovery. Often repairmen are faced with the lack of nodes that have failed. Experts are making a lot of effort to find the rightspecific. To repair the ship, the company is forced to carry out additional works. This issue is especially relevant for obsolete equipment.

If the plant is no longer engaged in the production of units, then there is the need for the development and manufacture of appropriate equipment and devices’.

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