The company MPC-GROUP, which is located in the city of Novorossiysk, provides shipowners with integrated supply services. To prepare for the flight, you must have rescue equipment, fire-fighting equipment, fuel and supplies.

Why do you need rescue supplies?

During the voyage, abnormal situations may occur. Ship supply is made in accordance with the requirements of the Register. To quickly eliminate leaks and rescue people who got overboard, you must have the following equipment:

  1. When carrying out emergency work you will need a plumbing tool.
  2. As an additional equipment, rigging devices are used.
  3. To prepare a mortar for sealing damage on board, you must have cement and sand.
  4. Buckets and shovels should be present on the craft.
  5. A special group includes the means needed to evacuate personnel and passengers: lifeboats and vests for each passenger.
  6. The obligatory set includes protective hydrothermal suits.

The life of people on the ship who find themselves in a difficult situation depends on the efficiency of the signal devices.

Extinguishing agents

Ship equipment is made taking into account the class and type of stationary systems. Fire fighting equipment includes the following equipment:

  1. When extinguishing a fire, one cannot do without sleeves and trunks that supply water and foam to the source of ignition.
  2. The vessel must have fire extinguishers, equipment and tools.
  3. In order to timely identify the source of ignition on the watercraft, gas analyzers are installed.
  4. The list of means necessary to eliminate the fire includes motor-pumps and smoke exhausters.

The list of equipment can be extended if the shipowner transports flammable materials.

Features of the supply of yachts and boats

For each small boat, a standard set of equipment is provided, which is selected in accordance with the regulations. Yacht owners need fire-fighting equipment and rescue equipment. For pumping out water in case of damage to the hull, a bilge pump is used.

Passengers may require medical assistance. The vessel is equipped with first-aid kits, in which the following drugs are present:

  • antiseptics;
  • Immunostimulants and antipyretic drugs;
  • drugs for seasickness and antispasmodics;
  • preparations for burns, bandages and adhesive plasters.

Fuel supply

When refueling, you need to consider not only the length of the route. To fulfill environmental requirements, shipowners have to have several types of fuel on board.

In MPC-GROUP, a shipowner can refuel the following types of fuels and lubricants:

  • Motor oil;
  • SMT (low viscosity marine fuel);
  • Diesel fuel Euro -5.

When approaching coastal waters, it is necessary to switch to lighter grades of fuel with low sulfur content (up to 0.1%).

Food supply

The ability to work and the health of staff depends on a full diet. MPC GROUP takes into account the national peculiarities of the crew. Religious taboos influence the taste preferences of people. The shipowner independently determines the list of products necessary for personnel catering.

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