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Small boats vary in type and size; they are divided into classes. For each vessel, a standard minimum set of supplies and equipment is defined, which is recorded in the ship’s ticket. GIMS rules prohibit the use of vessels not equipped in accordance with the rules.

Useful tips for picking

Rules and regulations are not invented in vain, so the supply of small boats should be taken seriously. Even small emergency situations can lead to devastating consequences. It is worth noting that the fire on the ship, especially if the water is cold, nowhere to run. Therefore, the fire set in accordance with the class of the vessel will be a certain insurance against the fire element.

There is no doubt about the relevance of individual means of rescue, such as life jackets, circles and ropes (lines) in swimming conditions. If the hull is damaged, the means for pumping water – from the simplest scoop in a rowing boat to the powerful bilge pump of the deck vessel-will help to stay afloat.

As mandatory equipment specified in the rules fixture for anchoring and fixing the ship’s anchor, a rowing boat — butt-ring, for other categories the eye (roller) or a duck-eye. The supply list also includes mooring and towing ropes, anchors and hooks.

Medical care is represented by a first-aid kit, a list of mandatory drugs is quite large, in General it looks like this:

  • Antipyretics;
  • Antiseptic solutions, powders and ointments;
  • Analeptic, antispasmodic and immunostimulatory drugs;
  • Seasickness meds.
  • In addition to the mandatory list you can grab:
  • Aerosols from burns;
  • Bandages, bandages and tourniquet;
  • Alcohol, but not for internal use;
  • Repellents and sunscreen.

Assistance may be required not only for people, but also for water transport, so the rules provide for a «first aid kit» for equipment. The complete set of the repair kit depends on the type of vessel and its propulsion system.

The list of the majority of elements of supply of the small size vessel is registered by the established rules.

Complex supply from MRS-GROUPS

The owner of a small boat does not have to run to shops and pharmacies, manning his boat in accordance with the rules. It is enough to call the company MRS-GROUP and a full set of equipment will be on Board in a very short time. We know what you need, no detail will be missed during the picking process. It is enough for the owner to inform the class of the vessel by phone and calmly wait for delivery, the rest will be taken care of by our staff.

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