New vessels and vessels of solid age are acquired, taking into account the multicomponent of motor or sailing structures, for trouble-free operation requires service and repair of yachts, and this is a high technical level.

Common yacht faults

The body, as the most damaged part, needs careful attention. Depending on the material from which it is made, the impact of external factors causes the appropriate types of destruction. For fiberglass yachts, the main «enemy» is osmosis – the penetration of water into the inner layers of plastic, causing the process of hydrolysis. The swelling of the surface layer shows that the destruction of PVC began and it is time to take urgent measures. Wooden hulls suffer from stiffness loss due to wear and dry rot. The» worst enemy » of aluminum structures is electrochemical corrosion.

For sailing yachts, the repair of rigging and checking the condition of sailing weapons is relevant, for ships with a propulsion system, the repair and maintenance of the power unit comes to the fore. There are activities that need to be carried out for yachts of any class or design:

  • Maintaining the health of security systems;
  • Life-saving equipment;
  • Repair and maintenance of steering mechanisms;
  • Inspection of navigation devices;
  • Repair and testing of electrical equipment.

The execution of the entire scope of service and repair work, taking into account the annual inspection of the vessel requires a thoughtful approach to the choice of repair company.

MRS GROUPS – a high level of service at low prices

The company MRS GROUP has extensive experience in servicing yachts, because in the area of Novorossiysk and Sochi concentrated a large number of small vessels. We are ready to perform any, even the most complex project, regardless of the time of year. It is possible to perform individual works or a full range of repair and maintenance services with a guarantee for a certain period.

With the overall low cost of repair and maintenance, the final cost is calculated individually, taking into account the features and condition of the yacht. Having concluded the contract, the shipowner should only take care of timely payment, all the efforts to purchase spare parts and materials, the company takes over, while coordinating its actions with the client.

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